Weekly Mcdonald’s Wrap Of The Day UK 2024

Introducing McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK, a delicious selection of wraps everyday.
If you’re a food lover like me, you’ve likely heard about the Wraps At McDonald’s. Whether you’re looking for ways to have your tasty wrap at an even better price or you simply want to explore all the flavors and nutritional info, I’ve got all the details you need.

What’s McDonald’s wrap of the day today?

For the full list of daily Big Flavor Wraps and their delicious fillings, please refer to the table below to find your perfect flavor-packed meal option.

This week at McDonald’s, grab the Garlic Mayo Chicken One for £3.49 or choose from other wraps at £3.89 each: Caesar & Bacon Chicken, Spicy Veggie, and Sweet Chilli Chicken. Wraps of the Day can vary in price depending on the location, but are typically available as individual wraps or as part of a medium or large meal.

Note: The Garlic Mayo Chicken sandwich isn’t available right now. Also, the Spicy Sriracha Chicken sandwich, which was on promotion last year, is no longer on the menu.

The Spicy Veggie One

The Spicy Veggie One

This wrap is a vegetarian delight that will leave you craving for more. Yummy veggie dippers with spicy sauce, fresh vegetables like crunchy lettuce, red onion, and tomato, all in a warm tortilla wrap.

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One

It’s like having a crispy chicken sandwich but in a wrap form, with some extra tasty stuff like bacon and Caesar-style sauce. It’s made of crispy chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, and crispy onions, all wrapped in a soft, toasted tortilla. It’s perfect for making your Mondays and Saturdays extra special!

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One

This Wrap is crispy chicken with sweet chilli sauce, lettuce, cucumber, and cool mayo,  in a toasted tortilla. Available every Friday and Sunday, with grilled chicken as an option too.

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One

It is a tasty treat offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It includes crispy chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo, tomato, and lettuce wrapped up in a warm tortilla

Mcdonald’s menu wraps

Have you ever craved a quick, tasty, and affordable meal on the go? There’s nothing better than McDonald’s Wraps! “This special offer includes a diverse selection of tasty wraps available throughout the week, ensuring there is always a delightful option to satisfy your cravings. From its delicious flavors and nutritional information to its availability and customer reviews, this article explores all you need to know about McDonald’s weekly wrap. So, let’s unwrap the details!


A “Wrap of the Day” is a special wrap sandwich offered by a restaurant or food shop every day. It is not specifically associated with McDonald’s. It’s more like a daily promotional item, so customers can choose from different wraps every day.

The specific fillings, ingredients, and flavors of the wrap will vary depending on the place. Customers who want a quick and satisfying meal often highlight the “Wrap” as a convenient choice

Wrap of the Day Today UK


It is a special promotion by McDonald’s that introduces a new wrap every day of the week. You can enjoy different flavor combinations every day with this exciting concept. It offers something for everyone, from crispy chicken wraps to grilled chicken wraps. Spicy Veggie and Sweet Chili Chicken are just some of the diverse tastes you’ll find throughout the week.

The benefits of McDonald’s Today’s Wrap

McDonald’s wraps allows customers to enjoy a satisfying meal at an affordable price. It is also convenient and quick to prepare. Fast and convenient service at McDonald’s makes it a great choice for busy individuals or those with a hectic schedule.

Taste and Ingredients

There is no doubt that the Wraps at McDonald’s will not disappoint you when it comes to taste. A variety of flavors are carefully blended into each wrap. Whether you prefer a tangy kick or a smoky barbecue flavor, you’ll find a wrap to suit your taste. From the tender chicken to the crisp lettuce, each component of the wrap is carefully selected for its delicious and satisfying taste.

Nutritional Information

There is transparent nutritional information provided by McDonald’s for its menu items, including the Today’s Wraps.

With each wrap, you’ll get a balanced meal packed with essential nutrients. In general, wraps offer a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats, depending on their specific nutritional content.

If you are counting calories or looking for a protein-rich wrap, the nutritional information can assist you in choosing one that is right for you.

Availability and Locations

Many McDonald’s restaurants worldwide offer chicken and vegie wraps. McDonald’s branches can be found in any city or town, whether it’s a bustling metropolis or a small town. This delectable promotion is available worldwide at McDonald’s, so it’s an ideal choice for travelers or people living in different parts of the world.

If you’re looking for a McDonald’s near you, check their website or mobile app to find their daily offerings. You can use the website or app to find out which wraps are available on which days of the week, helping you plan your visit accordingly. With McDonald’s wide presence, you can enjoy the wraps whenever you want.

Special Promotions & Offers

McDonald’s often introduces promotional offers and discounts. There can be discounted prices or meal bundles that include a wrap, fries, and a drink. To keep things interesting for its customers, McDonald’s frequently introduces limited-time promotions.

Stay up-to-date on McDonald’s social media channels, website, and mobile app to benefit from these special offers. So, you can save some money and even getting additional items included in the combo meal.

Customization and Personalization Options

There are different tastes and preferences for everyone at McDonald’s. They offer customization and personalization options for their wraps so they can cater to each individual’s preferences. A wrap can be customized to suit the tastes of the customer by adding or removing ingredients, such as sauces or vegetables. Customers can customize the wrap according to their specific preferences while enjoying their favorite flavors.

Health-conscious Options

McDonald’s recognizes the importance of catering to health-conscious consumers. Individuals can make health-conscious choices while adhering to dietary goals or restrictions. McDonald’s Wrap menu has options to satisfy your calorie-counting or green-eating needs. There are salad wraps and wraps with fewer calories available to customers, offering a healthier option without sacrificing taste.

Mcdonald’s wrap updated price

Wrap InfoWrap only (Price)Medium Meal (Price)Large Meal (Price)
McDonald’s Wrap of the Day£3.89£5.59£6.39

McDonald’s UK Wrap Campaigns and Collaborations

A special campaign or collaboration is often launched by McDonald’s to make the wraps even more exciting. It may be possible to tie these initiatives in with sports events, movie releases, or celebrity partnerships.

Customers are further attracted and enthused by such collaborations because of their exclusivity and limited-time appeal. Wraps become more than just tasty food items; they become collectibles or part of unique experiences tied to specific campaigns or collaborations. You can get more details about delicious wraps from McDonalds here.


If you’re hungry and in a hurry, McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is perfect! Every day, they have a special wrap that’s tasty and doesn’t cost too much. Whether you like classics like the Big Mac or new ones like the Caesar & Bacon, McDonald’s has something yummy for you.

Customers can enjoy a variety of flavors and ingredients in delicious wraps with its daily changing menu. In addition to their affordability, taste, and quality, wraps are popular choices for on-the-go meals.

The Spicy Veggie Wrap, the Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap, or any other flavor on the rotation, weekly wrap of 2024 will satisfy any palate. The promotion is even more appealing because of customization options and health-conscious alternatives.


Wraps may be healthier than some other fast-food options, but they need to be considered in terms of their nutritional content, such as sodium levels, fat content, and sauces. Choose wisely based on your dietary needs. It may seem appealing with its 430 calories, 6 grams of saturated fat (which is 30% of the recommended daily maximum), and a concerning sodium level of 1130 mg (approximately half of the recommended daily maximum for healthy adults), offers some positive aspects. On the bright side, it contains 3 grams of fiber and a lot of protein, approximately 30 grams.

The calorie content of a McDonald’s chicken wrap depends on its ingredients and size. McDonald’s grilled chicken wrap ranges from 300 to 400 calories. A crispy chicken wrap may have more calories, typically between 400 and 500 calories.

Wraps can contribute to a healthy diet, but a variety of nutrients is essential. The consumption of wraps every day can lead to excessive consumption of refined flour and processed meats.

Wraps have a limited shelf life due to their ingredients and storage conditions. In general, freshly made wraps can be refrigerated and consumed within 2-3 days. The best way to enjoy the freshness and taste of this dish is to consume it within 24 hours of preparing it.

The nutritional profile of wraps and burgers depends on the ingredients they contain and the way they are prepared. The possibility of more veggies and lean protein in wraps often makes them perceived as a healthier option. However, the overall healthiness of any meal depends on its ingredients and portion size. Make your choice based on your dietary requirements.

Yes, McDonald’s has stopped offering the Wrap of the Day for delivery since 2024. So, if you wanted to order one of their special wraps, you won’t be able to do it through delivery anymore.

Yes, McDonald’s stopped making Snack Wraps in 2016 because employees found them difficult to make. Franchise owners also complained about the complexity, so McDonald’s decided to discontinue wraps altogether.

They offer wrap with different flavors, including one for vegans. Every day, you can buy one for just £1.99.

Yes, McDonald’s breakfast wrap is back in the UK! People really wanted it back, so McDonald’s listened and brought it back today, February 13th.