The Spicy Veggie One

The Spicy Veggie One

Introducing the tasty veggie dippers at McDonald’s, a delightful vegetarian option that will leave you craving more. These dippers are made with a delectable blend of vegetables, coated in a crispy and golden breadcrumb coating.

With each bite, the veggie dippers burst with flavor, accompanied by a spicy relish that enhances their taste. The combination of the crispy coating and the spicy relish creates a delightful contrast that will keep you coming back. These mouthwatering dippers are then paired with crisp lettuce, red onion slices, and juicy tomatoes, all wrapped up in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap.

What’s even better is that the tasty veggie dippers are vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society. This certification guarantees that the veggie dippers meet the highest standards for vegetarian-friendly ingredients and preparation, ensuring their quality and commitment to vegetarian principles. Whether you’re a vegetarian looking for a tasty and satisfying option or simply craving a flavorful veggie treat, the veggie wrap at McDonald’s is sure to hit the spot. Take a look at the wrap of the day today table for other flavors.

It is available on Thursday And Monday.

1532 kJ | 365 kcal

Mcdonald’s veggie wrap

Nutritional InformationMcdonald’s Vegan Wrap Calories Per Portion 
Energy (kJ)1532
Energy (kcal)365
Fat (g)8.8
of which saturated (g)1.3
Carbohydrates (g)59
of which sugar (g)8.6
Fibre (g)7.1
Protein (g)8.7
Salt (g)1.2

The Spicy Veggie One Price At McDonald’s

  • Regular Wrap £4.89
  • Large Meal: £7.29
  • Medium Meal: £6.59

Mcdonald veggie wrap- The Spicy Veggie One Ingredient


Veggie dippers

A delightful combination of vegetables enveloped in a crispy golden coating.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Spicy Sauce

A combination of spicy flavors that enhance the dipper’s taste.

Crisp lettuce

Crisp lettuce

Fresh, leafy greens that provide a satisfying crunch and a refreshing bite.


Red onion

Slices of sharp onion that add flavors to the dippers.



Juicy and ripe slices that add sweetness and juiciness to the wrap.

Soft, Toasted Tortilla Wrap

Toasted tortilla wrap

A warm and toasted base that wraps all the delicious ingredients together, providing a soft and comforting texture.

Vegetarian wrap mcdonalds Allergens

It is important to note that this wrap contains allergens such as wheat gluten and mustard, which may cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitivities. Click here to learn more about Vegie wrap!


Absolutely! The Spicy Veggie Wrap from McDonald’s is a hit. Customers love its unexpected deliciousness, with a mix taste of spicy salsa, and veggie bites.

Yes, it is vegan-certified by the Vegetarian Society. Every ingredient in the wrap, including the veggies and sauce, is vegan-friendly and dairy-free. It’s specially made for vegetarians to enjoy without any worries.

Mark Johnson-Food Writer at the Wrap Day

Mark Johnson

Meet Mark Johnson, a food writer who used to work at McDonald’s. He’s super smart, with a fancy Master’s degree in Food Studies. Now, he writes about food and shares his secrets, especially about tasty McDonald’s wraps.

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