McDonald’s Snack Wrap Prices-Is it Coming Back in 2024?

McDonald’s Snack Wraps are a yummy and healthy snack option you can find on their menu. They’re not currently available, but McDonald’s plans to bring them back by 2025.

These Snack Wraps come in different flavors, like crispy or grilled chicken, with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tasty sauces such as salsa roja, honey mustard, and ranch.

Back in 2006, when they first started, the only chicken option they had was crispy chicken, and the only sauce they offered was ranch. But in 2007, McDonald’s added grilled chicken and other sauce options.

You can find Chicken snack wraps in countries like the US, UK, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

As for the prices, they vary depending on where you are and the specific ingredients, but they’re usually quite affordable.

In this guide, I will share some useful information about McDonald’s Snack Wrap price, alternatives, and flavors.

Mcdonald’s Snack Wrap Prices In UK and  Flavors

I love eating crispy chicken snap wrap, particularly from McDonald’s. Here, you’ll find McDonald’s snack wraps from various countries, featuring both grilled and crispy chicken options.

Snack Wrap FlavorPriceCountry
Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap£1.69United Kingdom
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack WrapCA$3.89Canada
Hot Dog Snack Wrap4053.55 KRWSouth Korea
Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap with Crispy ChickenCA$3.15Canada
Chicken Snack Wrap10 AEDEmirates
Grilled Chicken Snack WrapAU$3.50Australia
Chicken Snack WrapAU$5.25Australia
Chipotle Chicken Snack Wrap with Grilled ChickenCA$3.79Canada
Chicken Snack Wrap Happy MealCA$6.33Canada

Is Snack Wrap coming back in 2024?

Now, McDonald’s is talking about bringing back wraps! They’re planning to add new flavors and make them available in more places around the world by 2025. But that’s still a while away. Learn more about McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap Return.

Who has Snack Wraps like McDonald’s? Other Options While You Wait

While you’re waiting for McDonald’s to bring back their wraps, you can check out some other places that have similar snacks.

Burger King’s Snack Wraps


Burger King, another fast food place, has something called the BK Royal Crispy Wrap. It’s kind of like McDonald’s Snack Wrap, but with different flavors. They have classic, spicy, honey mustard, and even a fiery buffalo flavor. And they’re pretty popular too! Plus, they’re all priced at $2.99, which is pretty good.

Burger King’s wrap doesn’t have shredded cheese like McDonald’s Snack Wrap did, but it’s still tasty in its own way.

Wendy’s Snack wrap


It is famous for its square hamburgers, but they also have a lot of chicken options. They started selling grilled chicken sandwiches in 1990 and were the first major fast-food chain to sell spicy chicken sandwiches. Now they have chicken nuggets, sandwiches, salads, and their latest addition, the Grilled Chicken Wrap.

The Grilled Chicken Wrap has juicy grilled chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, and ranch sauce all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. You can add extras like mayo or bacon, but it costs a bit more. Some people think Wendy’s introduced this wrap to compete with McDonald’s.

If you like snack wraps, you might enjoy Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap. It has grilled chicken, shredded cheese, ranch sauce, and lettuce in a flour tortilla. It’s a tasty option for chicken lovers! 

The price for Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Wrap is $5.69, and if you want to make it a combo with fries and a drink, it costs $9.59.

Sonic Snack wrap


It is a place where you can get yummy food like burgers, sandwiches, and snacks. One of their new snacks is called the crispy tender wrap. It’s like the snack wraps you can get at McDonald’s, but with some extra flavors like cheesy sauce or BBQ sauce. It’s only $1.99, but it’s only available until May, so if you want to try it, you better hurry!

Sheetz Snack wrap


At Sheetz, which is not your typical gas station, you can find tasty food made to order. They have a menu with burgers, salads, tacos, and something called Snack Wraps, which are their version of McDonald’s snack wraps. You can choose between grilled or crispy chicken, and you get to pick the cheese, sauce, and toppings you want. They also have wraps with bacon, burger, and even one with Boomin Onions & Cheddar, which gets its name from the sauce it’s served with.

Tim Hortons Snack wrap

Tim Hortons Snack wrap price

It is like a taste of Canada in the U.S., and it’s known for its yummy coffee and Timbits. They also have sandwiches and wraps, like the Chipotle wrap with chicken or steak. It costs $7.99 but is packed with good stuff like lettuce, tomato, cheese, and chipotle sauce.

KFC Snack wrap


It is a popular chicken restaurant known for its delicious fried chicken. They introduced Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps in 2023, with flavors like Classic, Spicy Slaw, and even Mac & Cheese. Later, they added Spicy Mac & Cheese and Honey BBQ flavors. These wraps were a hit but were only available for a short time. They had crispy chicken, sauce, and pickles wrapped in a tortilla. While they’re not exactly like McDonald’s snack wraps, they’re a tasty alternative.  The price for KFC’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps was 2 for $5.

Hardee’s Snack wrap


It was once separate fast-food chains on different sides of the U.S. In 1997, they joined together under one company called CKE Restaurants. They have similar business models, logos, and websites. Their menus are mostly the same, but there are some differences. For example, both offer chicken wraps, but Hardee’s sells them for a better deal of 2 for $5 and offers different flavors like Spicy, Honey Mustard, and Ranch. Plus, you can buy wraps individually if you’re not too hungry.

New version of McDonald’s snack wraps 

McDonald’s is planning to introduce a new version of their snack wraps called the McCrispy Wrap by the end of 2025. It includes crispy chicken, a potato roll, salted butter and pickles.They stopped selling the original snack wraps in 2016 because they were difficult to make and didn’t sell as well as expected. However, now McDonald’s wants to offer more chicken options to meet consumer demand.

Will the McCrispy Wrap Be as Crispy as McDonald’s Original Snack Wraps?

People are wondering if the McCrispy Wrap from McDonald’s will be crispy like the original snack wraps were. McDonald’s hasn’t given any details about the McCrispy Wrap yet, but it’s expected to be based on their McCrispy Chicken Sandwich. However, some customers have been disappointed with the texture of the McCrispy Chicken Sandwich, saying it’s not as crispy as they’d like. 

The McCrispy Chicken Sandwich has 470 calories and is served on a buttered potato roll with pickles. As for the price, a regular McCrispy meal costs $8.89, a spicy one costs $9.19, a deluxe one costs $9.89, and a Bacon Ranch one costs $11.29. All versions except the Bacon Ranch will be available permanently, according to the McDonald’s app. So, customers hope that the McCrispy Wrap will be crispy and satisfying like the original snack wraps were.


McWraps are bigger than snack wraps. Snack wraps are smaller and are meant for quick snacking, as suggested by their name.

McDonald’s snack wraps with grilled chicken have around 260 to 270 calories each. Each snack wrap also provides about 18 grams of protein, 80 to 90 calories from fat, and 26 to 28 grams of total carbohydrates.

A McDonald’s Snack Wrap contains crispy buttermilk chicken tenders wrapped in a soft tortilla with ranch dressing, lettuce, and cheese.

Yes, McDonald’s is planning to bring back Snack Wraps as part of their long-term plans for the McCrispy line. 

McDonald’s aims to offer the McCrispy line, including Snack Wraps, in markets around the world by 2025. This lineup will feature everything from chicken tenders to Snack Wraps, along with new menu items.

Snack Wraps are available in various countries, including the U.K, South Korea and Canada. South Korea even introduced a hot dog Snack Wrap in 2022, which included a hot dog, lettuce, bacon, and spicy mustard sauce wrapped in a tortilla.


So, if you’re looking for a delicious and convenient snack, keep an eye out for McDonald’s Snack Wraps when they make their comeback at an affordable price!

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