McDonald’s Monopoly 2024: Prizes, Winning Codes, & Tickets

McDonald’s Monopoly is an exciting annual competition where you can win awesome prizes by collecting stickers from special menu items. This famous promotion has been happening since 1987 and is active in 23 countries, including the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands.

Mostly people ask, When is McDonald’s Monopoly 2024? Well, millions of people take part in each round, which runs from 13th March 2024 to 16th April 2024. It’s like a big game inspired by the Hasbro board game, where you need to be 18 or older to play. So, get ready to join the fun and start collecting those stickers!

McDonald’s Monopoly

What is McDonald’s Monopoly in UK?

McDonald’s Monopoly is like a game where you can win stuff for free! When you buy food at McDonald’s, you get special stickers with your meal. These stickers can help you win all sorts of cool prizes, like saving money on more food, getting shopping vouchers, or even winning a car! It’s super easy to play – just buy food and collect stickers. That’s it! This simplicity is why lots of people love playing McDonald’s Monopoly.

What’s new coming to McDonald’s in 2024?

McDonald’s is going to have new things on their menu in April 2024. One of them is the Biscoff Frappe, which costs £2.99. It’s a drink that tastes like vanilla and has Biscoff crumbs in it. On top, you’ll get caramel-flavored cream and more Biscoff crumbs.

McDonald’s Monopoly – Similar to the Classic Monopoly

 By having a look into 2023’s monopoly, you would see that the customers had to hold the stickers and fold the board. But this time there is an alteration, in which you can store your stickers online at the official website of McDonald’s Monopoly. Ultimately, the greasy stickers will not fill up your wallets to the brim.

 By checking last year’s monopoly, the spicy chicken McNuggets are now back, and you can collect the tickets now for the first time. If you are going to play McDonald’s Monopoly online for the first time, don’t hesitate, it is just similar to the classic Monopoly board game. The customers will play it just as they have to collect different game pieces from the menu items and will have the chance to win different prizes.

Enormous Ways to Win McDonald’s Monopoly 2024

Now the most important thing is how the customers can win the McDonald’s monopoly by applying different ways. There is a lot of prizing from which you can win but playing for the first time will make things a little bit confusing for you. Therefore, I have analyzed four different but effective methods that will surely help you.

Win Quick Prizes – the Best Shot of Winning

McDonalds Win Quick Prizes

On the entire earth, not a single person does not enjoy eating free meals. Therefore, the McDonald’s Monopoly prizes are a great chance to make them able to win free food. You just have to choose out peel-off stickers which are self-explanatory and win the free food until the expiry date comes.

If you look back to 2021, there were fifty million prizes available and so the chances of winning have quite a high probability. Other things from which you can win can be ice cream, hash browns, apple pies, and several more. Besides this non-food goodies like wireless earbuds are also available for customers.

In 2023, there were a whole lot of prizes available – over 80 million! So, your chances of winning something were really good. Actually, in 2022, people were winning 165 McDonald’s Monopoly prizes every single minute!

And what could you win? Well, lots of yummy stuff like chicken nuggets, hash browns, apple pies, burgers, fries, and more!

McDonald’s Monopoly Online Prizes

mcdonalds-online prizes

In order to win the online prizes you should have a Property sticker. However, to play Monopoly, you have to scan the sticker and enter the McDonald’s Monopoly code in the app. The amazing thing is whenever you will add a property to the app, an extra chance of winning would be in your hands with the digital peel.

There are some non-cash prizes for the customers along with the cash prize ranging from £5 – £100 in cash. Those who are interested in the non-cash prizes can take gift cards, gym passes, and food vouchers which they can use at McDonald’s. Furthermore, there is a mini electric car as a big prize and £100,000 in cash.

McDonald’s Gold Card – Win Technically

You can approach McDonald’s gold card in order to win the prizes technically. In the year 2022, there will be about 1000 gold cards for the monopoly to win the prize. By winning one prize, you would be eligible to enjoy a free Macy’s meal once a week throughout the year.

Understanding how to obtain a McDonald’s Gold Card is crucial.  It is simple, by purchasing each item through the app during SZN of Sharing you will win the four gold cards.  One would be for you and three of your beloved family members or your closest friends. 

In 2023, McDonald’s had a special thing called Gold Cards in their Monopoly game. They gave out 2,000 of them! If you won one, you got a free McDonald’s meal every week for a whole year!

Property Set Prizes – The Real mcdonald’s monopoly prizes

It is important for all customers that they have to get twice the rent charge for the property sets by selecting one particular color. But this happens in the real Monopoly, if you are choosing the McDonald’s monopoly purchasing the whole set will be absolutely beneficial for you. But don’t make up your mind in a way that you would be a clear winner if you have two of a certain color.

 Because each set always has one of the uncommon properties of the rest. Therefore, to remain in a beneficial state you should keep hold of any of them that appear on your McDonald’s Happy Meal.

McDonald’s Monopoly stickers

If you want to win more prizes in McDonald’s Monopoly, the best way is to collect more stickers. Sometimes, McDonald’s has deals where certain foods give you extra stickers. Like, if you swap your fries for a healthy side, you can get more stickers. For instance, salads, veggies, or fruit bags that you can have with your meal can give you three stickers. So, the more stickers you collect, the better your chances of winning!

In McDonald’s Monopoly, some stickers are rarer than others, meaning they’re harder to find. The rarest sticker is the dark blue Mayfair – there are only five of these in the whole country, So, if you find one of these rare stickers, you’re pretty lucky!

Here, I would like to make a set of rare McDonald’s stickers of 2024 in the list given below;

Sticker Color Location/Prize Availability
Stations Liverpool St Station – £200 cash 2,010
Brown Old Kent Road – Free McDonald’s medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavour Wraps meal 2,050,000
Light Blue Euston Road – Wireless earbuds from Skullcandy 3,150
Pink Northumberland Avenue – Experience provided by Buyagift 3,200
Orange Marlborough Street – £500 to spend on home entertainment with 205
Red Strand – Omen gaming laptop 160
Yellow Coventry Street – £2,000 TUI holiday 80
Green Bond Street – A MINI Electric car 21
Dark Blue Mayfair – £100,000 cash 5

Food Items and Number of Stickers in McDonald’s Monopoly

Food Items Number of stickers
Big Flavour Wrap (any) 3
Big Tasty (with or without bacon) 3
Cadbury Dairy Milk or Caramel McFlurry 2
Carbonated soft drink (medium or large) 3
Chicken and Bacon Salad 3
Chicken BBQ Smokehouse 3
Chicken Legend (all varieties) 3
Chicken Salad 3
Chicken Selects (3 or 5 pieces) 3
Drink (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
Fries (medium or large) 2
Fruit Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
McCafe Iced range (any) 3
Mozzarella Dippers (including Cheese Sharebox) 2
Side salad (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3
Vegetable Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large) 3


How to increase chances of winning McDonald’s monopoly?

If you are going to take part in McDonald’s Monopoly UK, you need to avoid some ways that will help you increase your chances to win. One of the tricks involves you not buying hundreds of burgers. 

Don’t Choose Big Macs and Regular McNuggets

We didn’t find it much good to announce that if you want to increase your chances to win and want to buy more stickers avoid choosing Big Macs and regular McNuggets. Because they are considered the Monopoly non-stickers. However, you may choose the Spicy McNuggets that will give your stickers. All the main items and the side drinks that you would choose will increase your number of stickers.

Use Vouchers & Tricks – Save Money

mcdonalds Vouchers

If you are a student, you may use your McDonald’s Student Discount by revealing your identity as a student. In this way, you can enjoy free real McFlurry, Mayo Chicken, or cheeseburger.  But this can be purchased in the case of buying any wrap meal or extra-value.

Sneaky tricks will be beneficial to use to renew your old McDonald’s recipients into the unlimited Big Mac and Fries. If you are getting a full meal without any drink for £1.99, you don’t have the option to complain. You also have the option to check out the offers available on the bus tickets and the Metro providing the customers with burgers and fries for £1.99.

Use Womble to Obtain Extra Stickers

The wombling trick works greatly for the McDonald’s Monopoly because some individuals do not have a check on the stickers. Many people ensure to buy instant food items by using their vouchers and skipping the online codes and the property stickers. Therefore, it is better to look into the discarded packaging of the Monopoly to increase the stickers. We suggest you go for wombling as it is not illegal but the staff may have concerns with it.

eBay – Purchase or Sell your Stickers

Although, it is quite difficult to find someone who is selling his rare Monopoly stickers on eBay. This is quite easier to utilize eBay to finish your collection. However, this can happen if you are fortunate enough to find uncommon stickers. Just remember to search their full name, like Vicky Stark, on a people search site to make sure they’re not trying to scam you. 


Enjoying McDonald’s Monopoly is a great deal for the customers. There is a wide variety of items to order at McDonald’s by using stickers and winning a wide range of prizes. Get ready for Monopoly 2024 whether you are residing in any region of the earth and enjoy a free Meal by holding your stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions about McDonald’s Monopoly

How do you scan McDonald’s Monopoly?

You need to download the McDonald’s app on your smartphone so that you can scan the sticker or simply enter the codes in your app.

What meals are included in McDonald’s Monopoly?

Big Flavour Wraps, Big Tasty, Big Tasty with Bacon, Cheese Sharebox, Chicken Legend, Chicken Selects, Cold drinks, Fries, McPlant, McFlurry, Mozzarella Dippers, Premium Salad, Spicy Chicken Mc Nuggets, and Spicy Veggie Wrap are some of the well-known items and beverages in the McDonald’s Monopoly.

What is the main purpose 0f McDonald’s Monopoly?

The main purpose of McDonald’s Monopoly is to give its customers instant win prizes. These prizes offer free menu items for customers to choose from and a different variety of other prizes.

How may I win free meals at McDonald’s Monopoly?

You need to have prizes of about 1000 McDonald’s Gold Cards in its Monopoly game to win. By winning one, you will enjoy a free meal every week throughout the year at McDonald’s restaurant.

How to enter McDonald’s code?

To put in a McDonald’s code and get points, first, open your McDonald’s app. Then, find where it says “Code” in the app, usually at the bottom right. Type in your code there. When you’re at a McDonald’s restaurant, use their machine called a kiosk. Put your code into the kiosk before you pay. That’s all! You’ll earn points for what you buy.

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