McDonald’s Happy Meal UK– Updated Prices 2024

Enjoying the Happy Meal with the delicious hamburger, fries, and milkshake at McDonald’s is one of the best experiences of my life. Before taking the Happy Meal each person should have a good knowledge about how much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal. This will make you clear how much cost you have to spend on the meal. No matter in which country of the world you reside, McDonald’s is one of the leading food chain restaurants all over the world. You would get all the deals at your location with a slight difference in the prices.

In this post, I will give a complete guide about the promotions, deals, and pricing of the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Additionally, you will get the Happy Meal menu prices along with calories so you can choose which one suits you.


What do you get in a McDonald’s Happy Meal?

A Happy Meal is an easy Kids meal providing the options of Hamburgers, cheese burger meals, Chicken McNuggets, Fish Fingers, Veggie Dippers Meal, carrot or cucumber sticks, your favorite fruit drink or Milkshakes, and other sweet frizzy drinks.

You can take your children to the restaurant to enjoy this meal and don’t forget to check the McDonald’s Monopoly UK.

How much is a McDonald’s UK Happy Meal – Items, Prices, Calories

Everyone who is going to enjoy the McDonald’s Happy Meal for the first time would surely want to know what he would get in his package. This common question I get in my mind with the McDonald’s prices and the calories that the food items contain in a Happy Meal. Therefore, to answer such questions I am going to provide you current pricing and calories given below;

ItemsCaloriesQuantityMcDonald’s UK Happy Meal Menu Prices
Hamburger Meal250 kcal1£3.89
Cheeseburger Meal298 kcal1£3.89
Chicken McNuggets Meal174 kcal4 pieces£3.89
Fish Fingers Meal151 kcal3 pieces£3.89
Veggie Dippers Meal197 kcal2 pieces£3.89

Each Happy Meal has things like small fries or cucumber and a drink like water, milk, or juice. And there’s a toy for kids too!

Promotions, Deals, and Additional Offerings

Sometimes, McDonald’s offers special deals, like a Happy Meal for £1.99 if you use their app at certain times. This helps families save money when they eat there.

Also, there is an offer of free toys for the customers when they buy a Happy Meal. This toy is mainly related to famous TV shows, funny cartoon character, and movies. For instance, if you are having a child who is a die-hard fan of the fries you should keep noticing the promotions. To access the various offers and discounts that the restaurant is running, install the McDonald’s app. Learn more!

McDonald’s Happy Meals in Canada 2024

Although the menu is not so different as I have mentioned above the pricing may vary according to the location where you live. Let us have a look at the current Happy Meal prices in Canada and check the prices to choose which one you are going to enjoy this month.

ItemPrice (CAN$)Calories
4 Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal$5.19340
Cheeseburger Happy Meal$5.79660
Hamburger Happy Meal$5.09420
Snack Wrap with Crispy Chicken Happy Meal$3.09460
Hotcakes Happy Meal$4.19520


Lastly, I would say that I have covered all the important information about how much a McDonald’s Happy Meal is. No matter which part of the world you belong to, the Happy Meal offerings and discounts will make you enjoy your McDonald’s Meal. You can also enjoy alternatives like fries can be replaced by salads and burgers with grilled chicken sandwiches.


Can you buy Happy Meal Toys separately in the UK?

No, you can’t buy McDonald’s UK Happy Meal toys online. But sometimes, you can buy them separately in McDonald’s restaurants if they have them available.

Does a Mcdonalds Happy Meal include a drink?

Yes, a McDonald’s Happy Meal includes a drink. You can choose from milk, fruit juice or water. They’re selling fewer Happy Meals with sugary fizzy drinks now.

How to claim 1.99 Happy Meal?

You can get Happy Meal for £1.99 by just downloading the McDonald’s app and go to the Rewards & Offers section.

Can adults get a Happy Meal UK?

Yes, there is no age limit to get this package. Adults can get a Happy Meal in the UK. It’s like the regular Happy Meal, but with bigger food portions. You can choose between a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and it comes with fries, a drink, and a toy to collect. But, it’s not always available everywhere, mostly in the US.

What was the cost for Happy Meal in the year 2023?

There is a 54% increase in the prices of McDonald’s Happy Meal 2023 which rounds about $3.69. In the case of Hamburger, the prices have an increase of 179% with the amount of $2.29. In the same way, cheeseburger has an increase of about 169% with the amount of $2.

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