McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Current Availability 2024

Before having an introduction to the McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy, it is good to understand about Happy Meal. A Happy Meal contains a Kids’ meal having a main item, a side item, and a drink within it. The main item usually contains five collections in McDonald’s happy meal whereas the side item contains French fries, apple slices, or a salad.


But this may not be the same in countries all over the world. A tiny toy or book is included in McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy, which comes in a red disposable box with a yellow cheerful face and the McDonald’s emblem.

Each month there are different McDonald’s toys available with different costs and entertaining games for kids. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2023 is the Squishmallows stuffed animals. In April 2024, McDonald’s has new Happy Meal toys based on Just Dance.

McDonald’s happy meal toys 2024

This month at McDonald’s, in May 2024, the Happy Meal toys are all about a special collaboration between Hello Kitty and Yu-Gi-Oh! There are five different toys to collect, and they’re all really cool. If you’re not into toys, you can choose a book instead. The books are about famous scientists or a legendary jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald. And don’t worry, McDonald’s cares about the environment, so the toys are made from natural materials that can be recycled.

Hello Kitty and Yu-Gi-Oh, available from 8 May to 18 June 2024.

What is the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy MAy 2024?

This month, if you get a Happy Meal at McDonald’s, you’ll get a special toy based on Captain America! It’s part of the Brave New World collection. You can collect different toys until May 27, 2024.

Current Availability of Toys in Happy Meal

McDonald’s now has toys in Happy Meals that are a mix of Hello Kitty and Yu-Gi-Oh! There are five different toys to collect.

What is the new Happy Meal 2024? OLD & New

Release DateToy SetToys Included
December 2023SquishmallowsGrimace, Hamburglar (Mystery), Hans, Cam, Fifi, Sunny, Archie, Gordon, Kevin, Michaela, Maui, Prince
January 2024Adopt Me!Penguin, Chipmunk, Lion, Unicorn, Dragon, Dog
March 2024Warner Bros. MultiVersusVelma/Superman, Finn/Batman, Wonder Woman/Bugs Bunny, Black Adam/Taz, Taz/Harley Quinn, Shaggy/Batman
April 2024Just DancePanda, Ron, Llama, Dougie, Maloo, Boogiesaurus
May 2024Captain America: Brave New WorldCaptain America, Captain America with Wings, Diamondback, Falcon, Red Hulk, Redwing, Captain America Shield, Ruth

How much is McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy in the UK now?

If you are residing in the UK and want to buy the latest McDonald’s toys you must have to check out their prices. It all revolves around where in the world you choose to purchase the happy meal toy. You can check out the McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy UK schedule list to decide which one you want to order.


The average price for buying the Happy Meal Toy in the United Kingdom is about £2.59 – £3.59, which may vary according to your location. If you are going to order online, don’t go for the single Happy Meal toy, as this offer is not available online. But you can approach your region’s McDonald’s where the average price would be £1.49.

If you want to buy just the toy by itself, you’ll need to ask at the restaurant for the price.

Note: If you are purchasing only one happy meal you can have only one single toy. This clearly means there is no offer for purchasing two or more toys until you have paid the cost of another Happy Meal.


In the end, I would say that enjoying McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy is an exceptional way to give joy to your kids. You can choose from the five main items along with a side item and drink. There are some countries in the world where you may find the choices expandable including grilled cheese sandwiches.

Other healthy options include delicious apple slices, salads, pasta, and several other choices. Therefore, don’t get any more delay and choose your way to get a Happy Meal Toy at McDonalds.

FAQS about McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

What toy is in the Happy Meal 2024?

In 2024, the Happy Meal contains Hello Kitty’s and Yu-Gi-Oh.

What do you get in a McDonald’s Happy Meal UK?

I noticed when kids order a Happy Meal, they can pick either a hamburger or chicken McNuggets. For the McNuggets, they can choose between a four-piece or six-piece serving. With either choice, they get fries or apples, and a drink.

Is there a toy in a Happy Meal?

Yes , the Happy Meal menu contains a new toy featured in the kid’s Happy Meal.

Can I buy McDonald’s Happy Meal toys separately?

Yes, it is totally okay to buy the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy separately for a specific amount. But the price for the specific Happy Meal Toy depends on the location of your McDonald’s.

For how much time does the Happy Meal Toy stay at McDonald’s?

From the launch time, the Happy Meal Toy stays for a month and there is a different toy introduced in a particular theme.

What does a Dobble Card in a Happy Meal contain?

McDonald’s Happy Meals now come with mini Dobble games. Dobble is a game where you match pictures on cards. In this promotion, there are six different mini Dobble games you can collect: Animals, Camping, Fantasy, Water, Fruits & Vegetables, and the classic version.

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