McDonald’s Days Out Discounts and Dips in UK- Rewards

McDonald’s in the UK is making this summer super exciting with something special called ‘Days out, discounts, and dips. Basically, they’re giving us awesome deals on yummy food, fun family outings, and even a special sauce inspired by Marvel’s Loki! So, if you love saving money and having a great time, you’re in for a treat with McDonald’s this summer!

Days Out Discounts And Dips Mcdonalds UK Price


McDonald’s is offering some special deals and discounts for their app users, making it a great time to grab some tasty meals in 2024. Check out the details below;

Discount Portal – McDonald’s Days Out: 

McDonald’s is introducing a discount portal called “McDonald’s Days Out.” You can get access by just signing up to My McDonald’s Rewards. McDonald’s is not just about food; they’re also making family outings more affordable. Through McDonald’s Days Out, families can enjoy discounts on various activities like visiting theme parks, zoos, or catching a movie at the cinema. These discounts are made possible through Kids Pass offers.

McDonald’s has some really fantastic deals just for people who use their app! Starting from August 14th, if you have the McDonald’s app on your phone, you’re in for some treats. Here’s what you can get:

Big Discounts on Favorite Foods:

You can save a lot of money on popular items like the Big Mac, McChicken Sandwich®, and 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets.

Half-Price Triple Cheeseburger:

On August 24th, which is National Burger Day, you can get a yummy Triple Cheeseburger for half the price!

Cheap Breakfast Options:

If you love breakfast, you’ll love this deal! You can get a Single McMuffin for only £1.19, which is a big discount!

Marvel-Themed Sauce:

For fans of Marvel movies and shows, McDonald’s is bringing out a special sauce inspired by the Loki series. It’s called LOKI Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce, and it’s really tasty! You can try it starting from August 16th.

Take a look at the complete list of offers for each week provided below.

14th AugustMonday£1.49 Big Mac
15th AugustTuesday£1.49 McChicken Sandwich
16th AugustWednesday£1.49 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets
17th AugustThursday£1.49 Triple Cheeseburger
18th AugustFriday£1.49 Filet-O-Fish
19th AugustSaturday15% off with £8 Min Spend
21st AugustMonday£1.49 Big Mac
22nd AugustTuesday£1.49 McChicken Sandwich
23rd AugustWednesday£1.49 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets
24th AugustThursday£1.49 Triple Cheeseburger
25th AugustFriday£1.49 Filet-O-Fish
26th AugustSaturday15% off with £8 Min Spend

My McDonald’s Rewards:

When you buy special deals at McDonald’s and join their rewards program, you earn points for every penny you spend

Global Summer Campaign:

McDonald’s is launching a big campaign this summer. It celebrates everything from classic movies to popular songs and TV shows. This campaign starts on Monday (14th). They’re also teasing two new collaborations coming soon to the UK and Ireland.

Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce Collaboration:

Starting from August 16th, McDonald’s is releasing a special Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce inspired by Marvel Studios’ “Loki” Season 2. They’re also doing cool stuff on Snapchat where fans can scan the sauce lid to unlock special content made by Marvel Studios just for McDonald’s fans.

McDonald’s Audio Journeys:

Now, families can enjoy a unique adventure with McDonald’s Audio Journeys on the McDonald’s App. These are like audiobooks powered by smart technology. They make road trips more enjoyable. Just tell the app where you’re starting, where you’re going, and the names of your family members, and it will do the rest.

McDonalds Latest Offers, Deals and Promotions

They are always finding ways to treat you, like with My McDonald’s Rewards and McDonald’s Mondays, available on the McDonald’s app 2024.

McDonald’s Rewards- 1000 Bonus Points Offer: 

When you sign up for My McDonald’s Rewards using the McDonald’s app, you’ll get 1000 bonus points on your first order. It’s like a welcome gift from McDonald’s to you!

McDonald’s Mondays:

Every Monday, McDonald’s has a special deal just for that day. This Monday deal is called McDonald’s Monday. If you spend £12 or more on food at McDonald’s on a Monday, you can save £3! You can claim this offer between midnight and 11:59 PM on Monday, June 3rd.


You can see how many points you have by opening the McDonald’s app and going to the Rewards & Offers section. Your points balance will be at the top right.

To see a history of your points transactions, go to the Rewards section in the McDonald’s app.

Yes, there’s a maximum number of points you can get, and it’s 9,999.

You can only use one McDonald’s deal per person each time you visit a McDonald’s restaurant.

For every penny you spend at McDonald’s using the app, you earn one point. This applies whether you order at the kiosk, drive-thru, through McDelivery on the app, or at the front counter.

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