McDonalds Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

McDonalds Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

The Cheesy Bacon Flatbread at McDonald’s is a delicious breakfast option consisting of toasted flatbread, back bacon, and melted cheese, providing a tasty start to your day at an affordable price.M

1168 kJ | 278 kcal

Cheesy Bacon Flatbread Ingredients

Toasted flatbread

The Cheesy Bacon Flatbread begins with a crisp, golden-brown toasted flatbread—providing the perfect base for layers of deliciousness.

Back Bacon

It offers a smoky flavor and a satisfying crunch with each bite. This ingredient complements the other flavors seamlessly, making your breakfast a true delight.


A melted cheese crowns the flatbread creation, bringing a creamy, gooey texture that binds all the flavors together. 

Cheesy Bacon Flatbread Calories Nutritional Summary

Nutritional InformationPer Portion
Energy (kJ)1168
Energy (kcal)278
fat (g)12
of which saturated (g)6
carbohydrates (g)28
of which sugar (g)2.5
fibre (g)1.5
protein (g)14
salt (g)1.8

Contain allergens:

  • Wheat gluten
  • Milk

Possible traces of allergens: 

  • Sesame
  • Rye gluten
  • Barley gluten


A cheesy bacon flatbread at McDonald’s is a warm flatbread that’s toasted and filled with bacon and melted cheese. It’s a tasty breakfast option.

It contains 278 calories.

Yes, you can eat flatbread as part of a healthy diet. Using whole grains and low-fat options can make it even healthier.

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Flatbread costs £2.19.

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