Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce

McDonalds Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce

Here is another Breakfast Menu for you! McDonald’s Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce will have you craving more. It is served on a soft white roll with a brown sauce. It contains our famous sausage patty, cheese, and a fresh cracked egg. It’s a satisfying and tasty way to start your day with mouthwatering goodness.

Here’s what you need to know about the healthy breakfast roll with tomato ketchup.

 The calories count of McDonald’s Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce Calories is 2098 kJ | 500 kcal

What goes in a breakfast roll McDonalds-Ingredients

  1. Roll: A soft and satisfying base, providing 810 kJ of energy, perfect for holding together the delicious ingredients in McDonald’s Breakfast Roll.
  2. Pork Sausage Patty: A flavorful delight with 533 kJ of goodness, adding a savory touch to the breakfast roll.
  3. Egg: An egg offering 305 kJ of protein-packed goodness to make the breakfast roll wholesome and satisfying.
  4. Back Bacon: A mouthwatering addition with 169 kJ , adding a delicious smoky taste to the breakfast roll.
  5. McDonalds Brown Sauce: A tangy condiment, providing 87 kJ of zesty flavor, enhancing the taste of the breakfast roll.
  6. Cheddar Cheese Slice (processed): A cheesy delight, contributing 194 kJ of richness, complementing the other ingredients in the breakfast roll.

McDonald’s breakfast roll meal Calories

Nutritional InformationPer Portion
Energy (kJ)2098
Energy (kcal)500
fat (g)22
of which saturated (g)8
carbohydrates (g)43
of which sugar (g)9
fibre (g)2.1
protein (g)31
salt (g)2.6

McDonald’s breakfast roll Brown Sauce Allergens

  • Wheat gluten: Present in the roll, may cause allergies in sensitive individuals.
  • Rye gluten: Found in the roll, may trigger allergic reactions in some people.
  • Barley gluten: Part of the roll composition, could lead to allergies for certain individuals.
  • Soya: An allergen present in the pork sausage patty.
  • Milk: An allergen found in the cheddar cheese slice (processed).
  • Eggs: An allergen present in the roll and pork sausage patty.

May contain traces of sesame: Potential presence of sesame allergen in the product due to cross-contamination during production.

FAQS ON Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce

Brown sauce differs from ketchup. In the UK, “tomato sauce” is what Americans call ketchup, while “brown sauce,” like Heinz’s HP, is a distinct condiment with a thickness similar to ketchup. Used like ketchup, it has a unique flavor—acidic with fruity plum notes and subtle spice. This sets it apart in taste from the more familiar ketchup.

Brown sauce is a common condiment in the UK and Ireland, often enjoyed with breakfast foods like sausages, eggs, and bacon. When homemade, it makes breakfast extra tasty. This sauce is dark brown, and its flavor can be tangy or sweet, with a peppery taste. People usually have it with full breakfasts, bacon sandwiches, and chips, adding a special flavor to these dishes.

A breakfast roll with brown sauce typically contains around 500 calories.

Brown sauce isn’t super high in calories. A small amount, like a third of a cup, has about 50 calories. Most of those calories come from carbs, with a little bit from fat and protein. If you don’t use too much, brown sauce is okay for you.

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