Mcdonald’s Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce

Mcdonald's Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce

It’s here, McDonald’s Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce! This mouthwatering classic features crispy bacon served on a soft and tasty white roll. You can enjoy it with a brown sauce. It’s a delightful combination that pleases your taste buds with every bite! Take a look at the bacon roll with tomato ketchup.

Price:  £2.49 

The calories in a McDonald’s bacon roll with brown sauce is 1414 kJ | 336 kcal.

Mcdonald’s bacon roll with brown sauce ingredients

Roll: A soft and satisfying roll that provides a delicious base for McDonald’s Bacon Roll. It adds a pleasant texture to it.

Back Bacon: Savory and crispy, Back Bacon is the star of McDonald’s Bacon Roll. It offers a deliciously meaty flavor that compliments the other ingredients.

Brown Sauce: The delectable brown sauce contributes a richness and tangy taste, adding a delightful twist to the combination. This enhances the overall flavor and makes the Bacon Roll even more enticing and enjoyable.


McDonald’s bacon roll calories UK

Nutritional Information
Mcdonald’s bacon roll with brown sauce calorie per portion
Energy (kJ)1414
Energy (kcal)336
fat (g)9.1
of which saturated (g)2.8
carbohydrates (g)42
of which sugar (g)8.1
fibre (g)1.7
protein (g)21
salt (g)2

Allergens in the Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce:

  1. Wheat gluten: Present in the roll, which contains wheat-based ingredients.
  2. Rye gluten: Also found in the roll due to rye-based ingredients.
  3. Barley gluten: Included in the roll’s recipe as part of barley-based components.
  4. Soya: An allergen found in the brown sauce.

bacon roll May contain:

  1. Sesame: Potential presence in the product, though not a primary ingredient.
  2. Milk: There might be traces of milk, although not a main component in the roll or sauce.

FAQS ON McDonald’s Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce

Choosing sauce for your bacon sandwich is personal. Some like tangy ketchup, others prefer rich brown sauce. Experiment and find your favorite! Brown sauce pairs well with breakfast and chips. Writer Felicity Cloake suggests trying marmalade or mustard instead. For a twist, go for the BLT—add lettuce and tomato to your bacon sandwich, served cold. Explore and find your perfect combination!

Brown sauce differs from gravy. Unlike gravy, a savory sauce thickened with flour or cornstarch, brown sauce has a distinctive taste—slightly sweet with a rich flavor. It’s commonly enjoyed on items like bacon sandwiches and chips. Gravy, in contrast, is typically paired with meat dishes such as roast beef or turkey.

No, brown sauce and barbecue sauce are different condiments. Brown sauce is a savory and tangy sauce, often beef or meat-based, that is popular in the UK, commonly used with meats and breakfast items. On the other hand, barbecue sauce is a sweet and smoky sauce commonly used in the United States.

A McDonald’s bacon roll with brown sauce provides around 336 calories.

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